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From Shai Erera <>
Subject IndexFileNames
Date Tue, 23 Feb 2010 06:42:11 GMT

I've noticed that IFN is package private, including its constants and
methods. Any reason why not make it public? I need to create my own
Directory, and would like to query whether a file is 'my file' or Lucene's
file. Getting access to the extensions can help. Currently I have to put my
code in o.a.l package, which I prefer not to.

Also, I think the constants could be wrong in some situations. They only
include the extension itself, w/o the "." part. That leads to many places in
the code where I see this <code>fname + "." + IFN.extension</code>. Two
(1) Doing "." + ext is just a waste - it's really not needed.
(2) If someone only checks for the extension, without adding the "." part,
he can accidentally think that fnamedel is a deletion file ..

I'd like to patch this, but want to validate with the community before I
create an issue. Making it public is trivial. Changing the extension name is
more problematic for back-compat, but I think currently it's just wrong ...
Unless we come up w/ new names for the extensions, which is annoying. Can we
sacrifice back-compat for this thing?


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