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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject 3.0 branch created, trunk changed to 3.1-dev
Date Mon, 16 Nov 2009 14:18:35 GMT
Hallo Committers,

I recently created the 3.0 branch and switched trunk to 3.1-dev (the website
docs are the only missing things, hopefully). Please wait with "heavy
committing"(R) to trunk, because:

If we find any bugs in 3.0 RC, we should merge all these changes into trunk,
too (which should not be very difficult). Please use SVN MERGE, to keep
track of what was merged to what (do not simply apply the patch two times).
Especially keep track of CHANGES.txt and add bug fixes also in trunk only to
3.0 section (which svn merge should do automatically).

I am now building the RC1 artifacts from the 3.0 branch, it will take some
time until all tests are run.

We are now in feature freeze on 3.0, so only bug fixes and javadocs fixes.
Javadoc fixes can be committed directly, all other changes should be
documented in JIRA.

Happy coding in 3.1!


Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen

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