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From Yonik Seeley <>
Subject Re: De-basing / re-basing docIDs, or how to effectively pass calculated values from a Scorer or Filter up to (Solr's) QueryComponent.process
Date Tue, 06 Oct 2009 15:50:50 GMT
Aaron, could you move this to solr-user?


On Tue, Oct 6, 2009 at 11:22 AM, Aaron McKee <> wrote:
> In the code I'm working with, I generate a cache of calculated values as a
> by-product within a Filter.getDocidSet implementation (and within a
> Query-ized version of the filter and its Scorer method) . These values are
> keyed off the IndexReader's docID values, since that's all that's accessible
> at that level. Ultimately, however, I need to be able to access these values
> much higher up in the stack (Solr's QueryComponent.process method), so that
> I can inject the dynamic values into the response as a fake field. The IDs
> available here, however, are for the entire index and not just relative to
> the current IndexReader. I'm still fairly new to Lucene and I've been
> scratching my head a bit trying to find a reliable way to map these values
> into the same space, without having to hack up too many base classes. I
> noticed that there was a related discussion at:
> ... but also a bit of disagreement on the suggested strategies. Ideally, I'm
> also hoping there's a strategy that won't require me to hack up too much of
> the core product; subclassing IndexSearcher in the way suggested would
> basically require me to change all of the various SearchComponents I use in
> Solr, and that sounds like it'd end up a real maintenance nightmare. I was
> looking at the Collector class as possible solution, since it has knowledge
> of the docbase, but it looks like I'd then need to change every derived
> collector that the code ultimately uses and, including the various anonymous
> Collectors in Solr, that also looks like it'd be a fairly ghoulish solution.
> I suppose I'm being wishful, or lazy, but is there a reasonable and reliable
> way to do this, without having to fork the core code? If not, any suggestion
> on the best strategy to accomplish this, without adding too much overhead
> every time I wanted to up-rev the core Lucene and/or Solr code to the latest
> version?
> Thanks a ton,
> Aaron

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