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From fulin tang <>
Subject A problem about BooleanQuery
Date Mon, 12 Oct 2009 02:06:10 GMT
Hi, all:

I came up to a very confused problem about BooleanQuery , maybe I can
describe it use the output of my code:

query: (name:tang*)
doc=5137 score=1.0  doc:Document<stored,indexed<name:tangfulin>>
doc=11377 score=1.0  doc:Document<stored,indexed<name:tangfulin>>
query: name:tang* name:notexistnames
doc=5137 score=0.048133932  doc:Document<stored,indexed<name:tangfulin>>

It is two queries on the same index, one is just a prefix query in a
boolean query, and the other is a prefix query plus a term query in a
boolean query, all with Occur.SHOULD .

what I wonder is why the later query can not find the doc=11377 doc ?

the problem can be repreduced by the code in the attachment .

thanks very much!

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