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From Earwin Burrfoot <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.9 and deprecated methods
Date Mon, 05 Oct 2009 13:17:43 GMT
> I think AS is overkill for conveying configuration of IW/IR?

> It's too cumbersome, I think, for something that ought to be simple.
> I'd prefer a dedicated config class with strongly typed setters
> exposed.  Of all the "pure syntax" options so far I'd still prefer the
> traditional "config object with setters".
Builders are visually cleaner. But well, it's just my aestetical preference.

> Also, I don't think we should roll this out for all Lucene classes.  I
> think most classes do just fine accepting args to their ctor.  EG
> TermQuery simply takes Term to its ctor.
It's obvious.

> I do agree IW should not be in the business of brokering changes to
> the settings of its sub-components (eg mergeFactor, maxMergeDocs).
> You really should make such changes directly via your merge policy.
Aaaand, you shouldn't do such changes after construction :)

> But, then, I can also see it'd simplify our code to not have to deal
> w/ such changes, reduce chance of subtle bugs, and it seems minor to
> go and re-open your IndexWriter if you need to make a settings change?
> (Hmm except in an NRT setting, because the reader pool would be reset;
> really we need to get the reader pool separated from the IW instance).
Even if recreating IW is costly, you don't change settings that often, isn't it?

> Agreed we need to deal with - *but* I personally think it gets tricky.
> Users should be able to flip compound on/off easily without dealing with
> a mergepolicy IMO. And advanced users that set a mergepolicy shouldn't
> have to deal with losing a compound setting they set with IW after
> setting a new mergepolicy. Can't I have it both ways :)
I don't understand why on earth compound setting is a property of MergePolicy.
The question of which segments to merge is really orthogonal to the
way you store these segments on disk.

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