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From DM Smith <>
Subject Re: Lucene as projects in Eclipse
Date Wed, 28 Oct 2009 17:34:30 GMT
On 10/28/2009 01:03 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
> DM Smith wrote:
>> Is there any guidance on how to set up Lucene for development within
>> Eclipse.
>> Perhaps a wiki page or an old email thread? I looked but didn't find one.
>> I've done it manually twice now and it was time-consuming and
>> ultimately I did it differently each time, not liking any way I have
>> done it.
>> Or does anyone have project files that they can share?
>> -- DM
> Whats your issue? In general I've never had to do much more than add the
> appropriate source directories ...
> Or if running certain contrib tests, their lib dependencies - but it
> never takes more than 10 seconds or so ...
Here is my pattern, I want to have projects for
That is one for each separate jar and one that separates test from code.
And I want to use an external checkout of all of lucene. So I can update 
from the root, run ant, create fully pathed patches, ....

Doing this is a real pain, taking over 4 hours, including some "don't do 
that" learning.

The dependencies between contribs is not documented well, so that took 
some time to figure out.

Maybe, I'm just stuck on a favorite pattern that I've used for years and 
there's a better way... I'd like to know how it can take "10 seconds or so".

-- DM

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