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From Gui Forget <>
Subject IndexInput not being closed
Date Wed, 14 Oct 2009 01:25:01 GMT

This is my first email to this list so I hope I posted it to the right  
list. I'm in the process of upgrading my web application from Lucene  
2.0 to Lucene 2.4.1.  Things went pretty smoothly but I noticed that  
some IndexInput were created via cloning but were never closed.

The trace of the creation is as follow:
	at org.apache.lucene.index.CompoundFileReader 

Looking at the source of MultiLevelSkipListReader it is pretty clear  
that the IndexInput which is stored in the first position in the array  
skipStream  is never closed. So either SegmentTermDocs should not  
clone the IndexInput that it passes to the skipListReader or the  
skipListReader should make sure it closes it when close is being called.

Linked to that issue I have 2 questions:
- could someone explain to me what is the impact of this bug? How bad  
is it?
- in Lucene 2.4.1, I noticed that these IndexInput objects are cloned  
a lot (but like really a lot). This was not the case in 2.0. I'm not  
very familiar with the very low level infrastructure of Lucene, but  
can someone explain to me why this was changed?I'm a bit worried of  
seeing so many objects created even if it's for a very short period of  

Thank you.

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