Sorry for all the confusion, indeed, the LuceneUtils class I was talking about is not in the Lucene distro, so I'd like to appologize if I wasted anyones time on this... *guilt*.

I'll second Yonik in thinking that maybe getField() is a bit broken since it may lead to class cast exceptions, even though the JavaDoc says not to use it with lazy loading fields.

Daniel Shane

Uwe Schindler wrote:
On Fri, Sep 11, 2009 at 4:45 PM, Uwe Schindler <> wrote:
By the way: This is documented:

NOTE: This class is only used during indexing. When retrieving the
field value from a Document instance after search, you will get a
conventional Fieldable instance where the numeric values are returned as
Strings (according to toString(value) of the used data type).

(this o.a.l.document.Fieldable is always a o.a.l.document.Field)
Lazy loading could return a different implementation.  Even w/o lazy
loading, we're also not going to guarantee that a Fieldable is always
a Field, right?  Perhaps those methods returning a Field should be
deprecated sometime.

Yes. But this is not related to NumericField at all. But it would provide us
the possibility to return also NumericField instances from stored fields
some time in future.


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