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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Lucene 2.9.0-rc5 : Reader stays open after IndexWriter.updateDocument(), is that possible?
Date Sun, 27 Sep 2009 17:04:18 GMT

: That is my opinion, too. Closing the readers should be done by the caller in

I don't disagree with either of you, but...

: a finally block and not automatically by the IW. I only wanted to confirm,
: that the behaviour of 2.9 did not change. Closing readers two times is not a

...i wanted to try and confirm that as well.  if we conciously decide that 
IndexWriter is going to *stop* closing all Readers that's fine with me, 
but in the absence of a specific statement like that in the release notes 
we should strive for no suprises.  (that doesn't have to come in the form 
of code changes, it can simply be an announcemnt on java-user and 
documented cavet in the applicable code ... but as yet we don't have 
confirmation that any behavior change exists.


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