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From Aaron McKee <>
Subject Lucene Spatial
Date Thu, 17 Sep 2009 17:37:42 GMT

I'm in the process of implementing a project using Lucene Spatial and I 
had a couple (hopefully quick) questions:

1) Is anyone currently working on adding arbitrary geo shape handling, 
or has done so in code that is not part of the contrib? I need to 
implement functionality to support filtering by bounding boxes (passed 
in directly to the DistanceQueryBuilder) and arbitrary closed polygons 
(for neighbourhood overlays), for example.

2) To what extent is Spatial under active development? I noticed that 
there is at least one big patch outstanding (LUCENE-1732, 
multithreading). If I were to begin development on a few things (such as 
the above, if it hasn't already been done/slated), would I just fall 
hopelessly out-of-sync in short order?

Thank you for your time and insight!

Best Regards,
Aaron McKee

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