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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: backwards compat tests
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 00:29:55 GMT

: I wonder: if we run an "svn commit . tags/lucene_2_4.../src" whether
: svn will do this as a single transaction?  Because "." (the trunk
: checkout) and tags/lucene_2_4... are two separate svn checkouts.  (I
: haven't tested).  If it does, then I think this approach is cleanest?

you can't have an atomic commit across independent checkouts -- the common 
root dir needs to be a valid svn working copy.

but you can have a common root dir that is a valid svn working copy 
(without checking out the entire svn hierarchy) by using non-recursive 
checkouts (-N).  you don't even need the full subdir hierarchy, just 
checkout and descendent directory into that initial working directory....

hossman@coaster:~/svn-test$ svn ls
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test$ svn co -N demo
Checked out revision 332746.
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test$ cd demo 
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ svn co trunk-a
A    trunk-a/one_line_file.txt
Checked out revision 332746.
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ svn co

A    branch-a/one_line_file.txt
Checked out revision 332746.
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ svn status
?      trunk-a
?      branch-a
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ svn status trunk-a branch-a/
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ echo foo >> trunk-a/one_line_file.txt 
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ echo bar >> branch-a/one_line_file.txt 
hossman@coaster:~/svn-test/demo$ svn commit -m "cross checkout commit" 
trunk-a branch-a
Sending        branch-a/one_line_file.txt
Sending        trunk-a/one_line_file.txt
Transmitting file data ..
Committed revision 332747.


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