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From Jason Rutherglen <>
Subject Re: The new Contrib QueryParser should not be slated to replace the old one yet
Date Wed, 12 Aug 2009 05:44:57 GMT
I'm starting to use the new parser to emulate Google's queries
(i.e. a phrase query with a single term means no-stemming,
something the current QP doesn't allow because it converts the
quoted query into a term query inside the JavaCC portion). It's
been very straightforward and logical to use (so far).

Thanks to the contrib query parser team!

On Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 10:54 AM, Mark Miller<> wrote:
> I don't think we should stick with the current path of replacing the current
> QueryParser with the new contrib QueryParser in Lucene 3.0.
> The new QueryParser has not been used much at all yet. Its interfaces (which
> will need to abide by back compat in core) have not been vetted enough.
> The new parser appears to add complication to some of things that were very
> simple with the old parser.
> The main benefits of the new parser are claimed to be the ability to plug
> and play many syntaxes and QueryBuilders. This is not an end user benefit
> though and I'm not even sure how much of a benefit it is to us. There is
> currently only one impl. It seems to me, once you start another impl, its a
> long shot that the exact same query tree representation is going to work
> with a completely different syntax. Sure, if you are just doing postfix
> rather than prefix, it will be fine – but the stuff that would likely be
> done – actual new syntaxes – are not likely to be very pluggable. If a
> syntax can map to the same query tree, I think we would likely stick to a
> single syntax – else suffer the confusion and maintenance headaches for
> syntactic sugar. More than a well factored QueryParser that can more easily
> allow different syntaxes to map to the same query tree representation, I
> think we just want a single solid syntax for core Lucene that supports Spans
> to some degree. We basically have that now, sans the spans support. Other,
> more exotic QueryParsers should live in contrib, as they do now.
> Which isn't to say this QueryParser should not one day rule the roost – but
> I don't think its earned the right yet. And I don't think there is a hurry
> to toss the old parser.
> Personally, I think that the old parser should not be deprecated. Lets let
> the new parser breath in contrib for a bit. Lets see if anyone actually adds
> any other syntaxes. Lets see if the pluggability results in any
> improvements. Lets see if some of the harder things to do (overriding query
> build methods?) become easier or keep people from using the new parser.
> Lets just see if the new parser draws users without us forcing them to it.
> And lets also wait and see what other committers say – not many have gotten
> much time to deal with the new parser, or deal with user list questions on
> it.
> I just think its premature to start moving people to this new parser. It
> didn't even really get in until right before release – the paint on the
> thing still reeks. There is no rush. I saw we undeprecate the current
> QueryParser and remove the wording in the new QueryParser about it replacing
> the new in 3.0. Later, if we think it should replace it (after having some
> experience to judge from), we can reinstate the current plan. Anyone agree?
> --
> - Mark
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