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From Shai Erera <>
Subject CloseableThreadLocal does not allow a null object?
Date Thu, 13 Aug 2009 10:18:25 GMT

I have an Analyzer which is given a Config object and when tokenStream or
reusableTokenStream is called, it generates a TokenStream based on the
Config settings. I also have a setConfig method on that Analyzer. setConfig
calls setPreviousTokenStream(null) so that next time reusableTokenStream is
called, it will generate a new one, based on the new Config.

Before CloseableThreadLocal, this worked just fine. But now it fails on
CTL's assert that the object held by the WeakReference is not null, w/ a
comment "this cannot be null because we set it ...".

I don't have access to tokenStreams member since it's private, therefore I
can't just tokenStream = new CloseableThreadLocal(). Why doesn't
CloseableThreadLocal allow for null objects? ThreadLocal allows it. Also, I
think CTL is not consistent, since when I call set(null) it allows the call,
but get() throws an exception.

I can overcome this by setting a new object which its tokenizer and
tokensteam members are null, and check those instead of the object returned
from get(). But I don't think CTL should forbid null, or at least make sure
a null cannot be set.

What do you think?


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