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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Finishing Lucene 2.9
Date Wed, 19 Aug 2009 22:21:25 GMT
Uwe Schindler wrote:
>> 0 issues! Congrats everyone. 2.9 was quite a beast.
>> So looks like we should get a few things in order.
>> 1. Anyone dying to be release manager? I think I could do it, but I'm
>> kind of pressed for time ...
>> 2. Lets start crawling all over this release - bugs/javadoc/packaging etc.
>> 3. In regards to that - I'd like to suggest that we don't do the release
>> branch early for 2.9. I know we normally make the release
>>     branch so that further dev can continue on trunk. In this case I
>> don't think that is wise. I propose that we lock down trunk for a
>> while, to force people to concentrate on *this* release. Otherwise we
>> divide our limited forces into two - those working on release, and those
>> working on trunk and beyond. We can kind of enforce this by making the
>> release branch last minute I think.
> I think 3.0 is a little bit special: We move to Java 1.5, so in my opinion,
> we should not only remove deprecations, but also add Generics and remove
> StringBuffer and so on. I have some "patches" for that available, e.g. the
> casting currently needed for the Attributes API can be more elegantly solved
> by using generics (something like "T addAttribute(Class<T extends
> Attribute>)"). If we do not add generics to the public API in 3.0, we have
> to wait one major release longer to add them.
> To get the 3.0 release shortly after 2.9, we should branch now, that the
> generics commits could be done early. I would also help to do this (at least
> for the parts I was working on the last time).
I forgot about this oddity. Its so weird. Its like we are doing two
releases on top of each other - it just seems confusing.

Apache Lucene announces 2.9 - a lot of hard work and sweat - move to it

and five minutes later

Apache Lucene announces 3.0 - very little work, but different and
improved (generified anyway). No new features in 3.0. Hold the applause.
Now move to it.

I vote to make this more sane :)

- Mark

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