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From Luis Alves <>
Subject Re: Finishing Lucene 2.9
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 05:32:18 GMT
Mark Miller wrote:
> Thanks to everyones hard work, Lucene 2.9 is nearly upon us. We have 
> been swirling around 5 or so issues for some time – but its finally 
> looking like we can hit the magic '0' number this week, barring many 
> new surprises.
> I'd love to see that by the end of the week if at all possible. It 
> hasn't been a bad thing that wrap up has taken this long – its given 
> our brave trunk user community more time to flag and test the issues 
> we have been cramming in lately – but it seems to me its about time to 
> start a real testing period on something more stable. If we can get 
> down to 0 issues by the end of the week, I think we will be ready to 
> make the release branch. Here is whats holding us up:
> LUCENE-1768 NumericRange support for new query parser
I also thing we should defer this one.
> This issue looks troublesome. Anyone know if its likely to be resolved 
> soon? I see that Yonik has suggested pushing it till the next release. 
> Because the new QueryParser is not yet slated to replace the old, it 
> seems this one is no longer the blocker issue it appeared to be? Would 
> be great to get info either way.
> LUCENE-1791 Enhance QueryUtils and CheckHIts to wrap everything they 
> check in MultiReader/MultiSearcher
> I believe has is ready to commit this one – essentially done.
> LUCENE-1692 Contrib analyzers need tests
> Robert is about to commit this one – essentially done.
> LUCENE-1813 Add option to ReverseStringFilter to mark reversed tokens
> Looks like there is a bit left to do, but that this will likely be 
> done this week.
> LUCENE-1792 new QueryParser fails to set AUTO REWRITE for multi-term 
> queries
Just finished the last patch a few minutes ago, should be ready for 2.9
> Our other problem child. Hows it looking on finishing this? I see 
> Michael is still waiting on an apply-able patch. Looks like this and 
> 1768 are the only possible hold ups at the moment.


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