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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Re: who clears attributes?
Date Tue, 11 Aug 2009 08:28:55 GMT

> I'm not just responding to just you there, but more to the growing 
> pack of those speaking against the new API. I don't see specific 
> issues being brought up - the only issues I have seen brought up have 
> been addressed in JIRA issues that have received no comments 
> indicating the fix was not good enough. So we are seeing a lot of 
> general complaints, but specific complaints have been addressed as far 
> as I can tell.
Thanks Mark. Yeah, I'm really not sure what actually the problem here is 
now. There was a performance test in Solr that apparently ran much 
slower after upgrading to the new Lucene jar. This test is testing a 
rather uncommon scenario: very very short documents. Within one day - 
thanks to Uwe - we committed a patch that basically brings back the 
performance to where it was before. That is a pretty good turnaround 
time. And according to Robert's and Mark's performance tests Lucene 
trunk is now even a little bit faster than 2.4 was. This was not the 
first time we found and fixed a bug in Lucene and it won't be the last.
> As far as back compat - is it really still considered an issue? We 
> have broken back compat in this release wherever it was convenient to 
> do so. I suspect that will continue. I just wish our policy reflected 
> how things actually work (and I think they work as they should, based 
> on the circumstances that lead to each decision).

All backwards-compatibility problems we could think of were addressed 
and all possible uses cases were tested regarding 
backwards-compatibility. In LUCENE-1693 you can find the many iterations 
Uwe and I had about this. All current unit tests pass. All contrib tests 
pass. All backwards-compatibility tests from the 2.4 tag pass as well. 
This is probably one of the best-tested additions to Lucene in terms of 
backwards-compatibility we've had in a while.


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