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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Re: Attributes, DocConsumer, Flexible Indexing, etc.
Date Wed, 05 Aug 2009 19:27:33 GMT
I think we're not quite there yet, where you can create a custom 
indexing format easily and store your custom Attributes. What's 
especially missing is an API on the retrieval side, on a 
TermDocs/TermPositions level, that can read custom indexing formats. We 
also need to make the SegmentMerger more flexible, so that it can merge 
the custom codecs.

LUCENE-1458 goes into that direction, but obviously it's not going into 
2.9/3.0. So hopefully in 3.1 we'll be able to do the stuff you're asking 

Even though we don't have flexible indexing yet, I think we made great 
progress towards it already. Especially with Mike's restructuring of the 
indexer and the Attributes API.

We should probably work on the wiki page that we have for flexible 
indexing and identify work items, so that it's easy to see what the 
current state is and what the plans are (as it was recently suggested on 
java-dev). Let's do that after 2.9 is out.


On 8/5/09 11:21 AM, Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> I've been trying out the new Attribute stuff and still am a bit 
> stumped as to where all of this stuff gets us.  I can create 
> Attributes and AttributeSources to my heart's content, but don't see 
> an obvious path towards actually getting them in the index.  I gather 
> it has something to do with DocConsumer, IndexingChain, etc. but the 
> APIs and javadocs are less than forthcoming.  AFAICT, the only way to 
> set the IndexingChain is through a package protected constructor.  I'm 
> happy to document, but it is non-obvious to me at the moment.
> Is there a path forward with all of this stuff?  I'd like to create an 
> AttributeTermQuery so that we can actually use all of this stuff for 
> something more than a exercise in programming, but I want to make sure 
> it is in line with where all of this is going.
> Thanks,
> Grant
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