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From Luis Alves <>
Subject Re: basic questions on the new QueryParser
Date Mon, 03 Aug 2009 23:47:56 GMT
Michael McCandless wrote:
> OK thanks for the clarification... that makes sense.  So the builder
> should really be a "rote" translation of a query node into the
> corresponding Query.  All "interesting" work should instead be done by
> the processors (or maybe the parser).
Hi Mike,

Only the Processors should do "interesting" work, it is the only API 
that has access
to the QueryConfigHandler by design.

QueryConfigHandler - should hold all the information necessary to 
generate queries for the
specified index or system where it is being used. Example: field 
configuration, index configuration,
any other configuration that is useful to generate the queries.

SyntaxParser implementation should avoid doing "interesting" work, it 
should do the minimum
to create a syntax a tree that represents the user query and pass it to 
a QueryNodeProcessor
pipeline for the "interesting" work.


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