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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: indexing_slowdown_with_latest_lucene_udpate
Date Mon, 10 Aug 2009 15:02:17 GMT
The question is, if that would get better if the reflection calls are only
done one time per class using a IdentityHashMap<Class,Boolean>. The other
reflection code in AttributeSource uses a static cache for such type of
things (e.g. the Attribute -> AttributeImpl mappings in AttributeSource.

I could do some tests about that and supply a patch. I was thinking about
that but throwed it away (as it needs some synchronization on the cache Map
which may also overweigh).

Uwe Schindler
H.-H.-Meier-Allee 63, D-28213 Bremen

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> From: Mark Miller []
> Sent: Monday, August 10, 2009 4:48 PM
> To:
> Subject: Re: indexing_slowdown_with_latest_lucene_udpate
> Robert Muir wrote:
> > This is real and not just for very short docs.
> Yes, you still pay the cost for longer docs, but it just becomes less
> important the longer the docs, as it plays a smaller role. Load a ton of
> one term docs, and it might be 50-60% slower - add a bunch of articles,
> and it might be closer to 20%-15% (I don't know the numbers, but the
> longer I made the docs, the less % slowdown, obviously). Still a good hit,
> but a short doc test magnafies the problem.
> It affects things no matter what, but when you don't do much tokenizing,
> normalizing, the cost of the reflection/tokenstream init dominates.
> - Mark
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