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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: Finishing Lucene 2.9
Date Tue, 18 Aug 2009 06:09:24 GMT
> release branch. Here is whats holding us up:
> LUCENE-1768 NumericRange support for new query parser
> This issue looks troublesome. Anyone know if its likely to be resolved
> soon? I see that Yonik has suggested pushing it till the next release.
> Because the new QueryParser is not yet slated to replace the old, it
> seems this one is no longer the blocker issue it appeared to be? Would
> be great to get info either way.

I would also set this to 3.1 for the same reason, I will update the issue
soon. As we do not deprecate the old query parser now, it would have been
good to have the configureable numeric fields in the old wuery parser, but I
think this is too late. We should add a comment in Javadocs, that the old
(and also new) query parser do not work automatically with
NumericRangeQuery, and that you should override getRangeQuery() and do a
case-switch on the field name. I will do this later this day.

> LUCENE-1792 new QueryParser fails to set AUTO REWRITE for multi-term
> queries
> Our other problem child. Hows it looking on finishing this? I see
> Michael is still waiting on an apply-able patch. Looks like this and
> 1768 are the only possible hold ups at the moment.

I think Luis is working on that.

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