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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Lucene 2.9 Again
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 19:13:46 GMT
Hey all, ready to get Lucene 2.9 out? Here are the remaining issues. I think
we are very close. There are 17 issues, but 3 of them are sub tasks of
another, so there is less than there looks.


LUCENE-1504 SerialChainFilter should use DocSet API rather then deprecated
BitSet API Uwe Schindler 16/Jun/09

  It looks like this one is just about done, Uwe just asked for a couple
changes? Ryan or Patrick?

LUCENE-1695 Update the Highlighter to use the new TokenStream API Mark
Miller 23/Jun/09

  This is part of LUCENE-1460. I've done most of this work (patch is
attached) - I'd still like to commit after the new token stream api
improvements, but I could prob do it ahead at
  this point, and just commit any needed changes later.

LUCENE-1696 Added New Token API impl for ASCIIFoldingFilter Uwe Schindler

  This is apparently in LUCENE-1693

LUCENE-1607 String.intern() faster alternative Yonik Seeley 14/Jul/09

  This is basically done from what I can tell - lets get it in!

LUCENE-1748 getPayloadSpans on
should be abstract Unassigned 19/Jul/09

  I don't know about this one - I put up a patch for one possible solution,
but it would be nice if someone else took a look too.

LUCENE-1567 New flexible query parser Grant Ingersoll 21/Jul/09

  I don't know what to say here - someone has to go over this more I think,
but as its contrib and the old parser will still be around, I'm not as
concerned as
  I could be. Who is going to drive this in? I think Grant was just assigned
as part of the licensing dealy, so someone else will have to step up.

LUCENE-1685 Make the Highlighter use SpanScorer by default Mark Miller

  This is a fairly quick change I think - I started work, but its in
conflict with making the Highlighter us the new API - once that is committed
I can quickly finish and commit this, or
  we could push it if it holds anything up.

LUCENE-1448 add getFinalOffset() to TokenStream Michael Busch 24/Jun/09

  This still needs to be addressed or pushed - the patch is good for the old
API but needs an update to the new API - sounds like the method of doing
this has been worked out,
  but still needs to be addressed. If its not done soon, I think we should
push it to 3.

LUCENE-1460 Change all contrib TokenStreams/Filters to use the new
TokenStream API Michael Busch 14/Jul/09

  Some of this is in sub issues, and Robert has done a bunch of work here -
I think once the API improvement issue hits, this will be very close behind.

LUCENE-1697 MoreLikeThis should use the new Token API Michael Busch

  This is just a part of LUCENE-1460.

LUCENE-1628 Persian Analyzer Mark Miller 14/Jul/09

  I'll commit this very soon. Patch is done.

LUCENE-1747 Contrib/Spatial needs code cleanup before release Simon
Willnauer 16/Jul/09

  Simon, can you do this one soon? The issue being waited on is marked as

LUCENE-1749 FieldCache introspection API Unassigned 16/Jul/09

  You have time to work on this Hoss?

LUCENE-1728 Move SmartChineseAnalyzer & resources to own contrib project Simon
Willnauer 21/Jul/09

  It looks like this is at the verge of being ready for commit?

LUCENE-1754 Get rid of NonMatchingScorer from BooleanScorer2 Michael
McCandless 21/Jul/09

  Almost ready? A lot of action here recently.

LUCENE-1693 AttributeSource/TokenStream API improvements Michael Busch

  Looks like this beast is almost ready to go in? I think a commit of this
will release the flood gates for everything to wrap up.

LUCENE-1644 Enable MultiTermQuery's constant score mode to also use
BooleanQuery under the hood Michael McCandless 21/Jul/09

 Looks like this is very close to completion, depending on if an Auto mode
is added

All in all, there is not much left at all - lets get a release done.

- Mark

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