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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Documentation Suggestion
Date Tue, 21 Jul 2009 23:45:39 GMT

: OK, I agree this makes sense and would be good for major features.
: Btw: For the new TokenStream API I wrote in the original patch (JIRA-1422) a
: quite elaborate section in the package.html of the analysis package.

Yeah ... whenever javadocs make sense, they're probably better then wiki 
docs ... in the case of Solr the userbase is rarely Java users, so it's 
good to have hollistic documentation somewhere other then javadocs.

To me, the key is to make sure all functionality is documented *somewhere* 
before it gets committed.  if it makes sense in javadocs great, if it's 
too widespread to fit neatly into the javadoc method/class/package 
structure, a wiki ting everything together is handy.

That said: even with simple javadocs, having them on the wiki makes it a 
lot easier to read then needing to downlaod/apply the patch *then* 
generate javadocs to read the cross linked info.


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