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From Grant Ingersoll <>
Subject ConcurrentMergeScheduler and MergePolicy question
Date Thu, 30 Jul 2009 14:35:28 GMT
Given a large segment and a bunch of small segments, how does the  
ConcurrentMergeScheduler (CMS) work?  Does it always merge the smaller  
segments into the bigger one, or does it merge the smaller segments  

Something I've been thinking about:  Given a high update environment  
(and near real time, less than 1 minute, search constraints) and/or a  
very bursty environment, we've always said to keep the merge factor  
small for search reasons, at least in the high-update case.  However,  
I've seen a couple of times where this causes problems because merges  
can take over and cause pauses, even with CMS, so I am wonder if it  
makes sense to have a larger merge factor (>10), knowing that I may  
have a few large segments and then a bunch of small ones and that the  
CMS will, in the background, be able to keep merging the smaller  
segments together and in most cases avoid ever having to merge into  
the large segments (b/c maybe I can just optimize down at slower times  
or even merge larger segments later. )   Seems like this would allow  
one to make sure larger merges need not take place, or at least reduce  
the chances of that happening.

Not sure if I worded that correctly.


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