This is the lucene developers list, this question is more appropriate to
the lucene *users* list. Could you re-post this over there?

Please DO NOT reply to this e-mail (if you need more clarification,
post a new question over on the user list), but the short form is that
you're analysis phase is splitting your input into two tokens,
"lucene" and "java". Now, when you search for "lucene", it'll match.
In fact, it'll probably match a whole bunch of files.

Think about KeywordAnalyzer for your file names.


On Mon, Jun 1, 2009 at 2:34 AM, sunildm4u <> wrote:


 I am quite a new bee and am trying to implement a search functionality. I
have a small issue here. Considering i have indexed a documnet with name
""  .

Now i need to search for that File, Now if i use lucene as key word i dont
get as output instead i get all files with names including
lucene word.

(P.S : Wild Card Search APART)

Is there any way i can get exact file by providing complete file name with
out extensions. Please provide your suggestions
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