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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject RE: Shouldn't IndexWriter.commit(Map) accept Properties instead?
Date Mon, 22 Jun 2009 20:56:45 GMT

: If the user serializes object, opens the index on another machine where
: different versions of these classes are installed and he did not use
: serialVersionId to create a version info in index. As long as you only
: serialize standard Java classes like String, HashMap,... you will have no
: problem with that, but with own classes a lot of care must be taken that
: they can be serialized in different versions. In my case with the stored
: document Field it was just a LinkedHashSet of String or something like that
: (very easy for serialization).
: An the second problem is, that if you want to open such an index e.g. with
: PyLucene? Should PyLucene just ignore the binary serialization data?

Right ... i wouldn't advocate using Java serialization here for all of 
those reasons (especially since so many people have worked so hard to move 
towards dealing with pure byte[]s on disk instead of java serialized 

So to be clear: I wasn't in any way advocating that we do arbitrary 
serialization, or do anything different with the "String" values once we 
get them from the caller -- i was just suggesting an alternate API for 
getting String values from the caller in a way that didn't involve 


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