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From Robert Muir <>
Subject javadoc language
Date Fri, 19 Jun 2009 16:49:43 GMT
While hunting down some strange behavior in SmartChineseAnalyzer, I
noticed the javadocs are in Chinese.

some of these do not reflect the method params, which makes it a
little harder to work with.

   * 设计上是SentenceTokenizer的下一处理层。将SentenceTokenizer的句子读出,
   * 利用HHMMSegment主程序将句子分词,然后将分词结果返回。
   * @param in 句子的Token
   * @param smooth 平滑函数
   * @param dataPath 装载核心字典与二叉字典的目录
   * @see init()
  public WordTokenizer(TokenStream in, WordSegmenter wordSegmenter) { = in;
    this.wordSegmenter = wordSegmenter;

So I wonder, should the javadocs be in Chinese, English, or both?

If they are in chinese, then developers that only speak english might
have a tough time.
If they are in english, chinese users might have a tough time, but
then again the rest of lucene javadoc is in english.
If they are in both, maintaining the chinese javadocs will be
difficult for developers that only speak english, and vice-versa.


Robert Muir

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