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From "Uwe Schindler" <>
Subject RE: Deleting old javadoc files on Hudson
Date Thu, 25 Jun 2009 06:03:18 GMT
> : Done. Thanks for testing!
> I hate to be a buzz kill, but all this really does is replace the outdated
> javadoc generated index.html file with a new one that points at the
> subdirs we've created ... I don't see how this solves the root problem:
> Hudson doesn't delete the old files....

Mike deleted the whole outdated javadocs-folder yesterday. What is now on
Hudson is a fresh one.

The auto-generated ANT-generated index file is there to not show a 404 when
users are clicking on the documentation link in Hudson.

As long as this Hudson-bug is not fixed, the best is to sometimes simply do
this "rm -rf" or code it somehow in the current Hudson process (some
additional build step inside Hudson, I do not know the software, if this is
possible). Also vote for this Hudson bug.

> The "Publish JavaDoc" feature copies a configured path for javadocs
> into an existing "archive" directory -- any file that
> existed in a previous build of the javadocs and isn't in the
> current javadocs will still be there.  All we've done is stop linking to
> the old flattened doc hierarchy, but any caches, bookmarks, or search
> engines linking to them will still find valid pages.
> In addition to my previous suggestion...
> ...another config option we could try is "Retain javadoc for each
> successful build".  There is a warning that this causes it to take up
> more disk (because it keeps the javadocs for each build) but I *think*
> if we use that option, it will create a brand new javadoc directory for
> each build.
> (it looks like our uncompressed javadocs are about 5 times as big as our
> binary artifacts ... but we currently keep the last 30 builds which seem
> excessive.  If we cut hte number of archived builds we keep to 5 we'd wind
> up using less disk)

I would tend to find out, how you could send a "rm -rf" before this javadocs
copy task.


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