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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.9 Again
Date Wed, 17 Jun 2009 20:13:10 GMT
Michael Busch wrote:
> Everyone who is unhappy with the release TODO's, go back in your mail 
> archive to the 2.2 release and check how many tedious little changes 
> we made to improve the release quality. And besides the maven stuff, 
> there is not really more to do compared to pre-2.2, it's just 
> documented in a more verbose (=RM-friendly) way.
I didn't mean to imply anything untowards :) I'm grateful for the work 
you guys have put into making it all more friendly. I know I have seen 
many of Mike M's wiki updates on this page too, and I've always been 
sure its for the better.

Even still, when I look at the process, I remember why I clung to 
Windows for so long :) Now I'm happily on Ubuntu and can still usually 
avoid such "fun" work :)

I'll happily soldier on though. I just wish it was all in Java :)

- Mark

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