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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.9 Again
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 22:37:36 GMT
Michael Busch wrote:
> Cool, seems like Mark is volunteering to be the 2.9 release manager ;)
I may look stupid, but I saw that one coming. I briefly considered 
opening a 2.9 JIRA issue, assigned and titled "Make Lucene release 
processes one click", but I thought maybe I better not bring attention 
to the issue ;) I've looked at the release todo wiki and I am still 
having nightmares. It really gets to be too much at the step where you 
dance the hokey poky while yelling out all of Apaches public encryption 
keys. We've almost built a tradition of the new guy getting stuck with 
it though. Duck Uwe :)
> I need to get the TokenStream API changes in and ideally LUCENE-1448.
> How soon is soon? Code freeze in 2-3 weeks or so maybe? Then 7-10 days 
> testing, so 2.9 should be out mid July? Sounds reasonable?
>  Michael
> On 6/16/09 2:22 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
>> My email client lost the original thread:
>> So far, both Mike and I have voiced our desire to get a 2.9 release 
>> out the door soon. Java 1.5 awaits us on the other side :) No one 
>> else has really weighed in though. I've jumped in an started to 
>> squeeze the 2.9 JIRA list with Mike anyway.
>> Is there anyone against such a move at this point in time? I'll take 
>> silence to mean your on board, and I'll continue to squeeze the JIRA 
>> list with regard to patches that are not moving forward.
>> As it is, I think we are in fairly good shape. There are about 30 
>> issue left, but most are mostly complete or simple and only a few 
>> still have major complications to resolve. All have a reasonable 
>> assignee as well.
>> If you think we should release 2.9 soon and you are assigned to an 
>> issue that you cant get to reasonable soon, I'm going to ask again 
>> that you dis-assign yourself.
>> Also a reminder, as Mike mentioned, if there are issues out there 
>> that should be marked 2.9 and are not, please move them to 2.9.
>> Or please voice your opinion as to why we should hold off.
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- Mark

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