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From Michael Busch <>
Subject Re: Lucene 2.9 Again
Date Tue, 16 Jun 2009 22:06:13 GMT
Cool, seems like Mark is volunteering to be the 2.9 release manager ;)

I need to get the TokenStream API changes in and ideally LUCENE-1448.

How soon is soon? Code freeze in 2-3 weeks or so maybe? Then 7-10 days 
testing, so 2.9 should be out mid July? Sounds reasonable?


On 6/16/09 2:22 PM, Mark Miller wrote:
> My email client lost the original thread:
> So far, both Mike and I have voiced our desire to get a 2.9 release 
> out the door soon. Java 1.5 awaits us on the other side :) No one else 
> has really weighed in though. I've jumped in an started to squeeze the 
> 2.9 JIRA list with Mike anyway.
> Is there anyone against such a move at this point in time? I'll take 
> silence to mean your on board, and I'll continue to squeeze the JIRA 
> list with regard to patches that are not moving forward.
> As it is, I think we are in fairly good shape. There are about 30 
> issue left, but most are mostly complete or simple and only a few 
> still have major complications to resolve. All have a reasonable 
> assignee as well.
> If you think we should release 2.9 soon and you are assigned to an 
> issue that you cant get to reasonable soon, I'm going to ask again 
> that you dis-assign yourself.
> Also a reminder, as Mike mentioned, if there are issues out there that 
> should be marked 2.9 and are not, please move them to 2.9.
> Or please voice your opinion as to why we should hold off.

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