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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: New Token API was Re: Payloads and TrieRangeQuery
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 00:49:58 GMT
Mark Miller wrote:
> I don't know how I feel about rolling the new token api back.
> I will say that I originally had no issue with it because I am very 
> excited about Lucene-1458.
> At the same time though, I'm thinking Lucene-1458 is a very advanced 
> issue that will likely be for really expert usage (though I can see 
> benefits falling to general users).
> I'm slightly iffy about making an intuitive api much less intuitive 
> for an expert future feature that hasn't fully materialized in Lucene 
> yet. It almost seems like that fight should weigh towards general 
> usage and standard users.
> I don't have a better proposal though, nor the time to consider it at 
> the moment. I was just more curious if anyone else had any thoughts. I 
> hadn't realized Grant had asked a similar question not long ago
> with no response. Not sure how to take that, but I'd think that would 
> indicate less problems with people than more. On the other hand, you 
> don't have to switch yet (with trunk) and we have yet to release it. I 
> wonder how many non dev, every day users have really had to tussle 
> with the new API yet. Not many people complaining too loudly at the 
> moment though.
> Asking for a roll back seems a bit extreme without a little more 
> support behind it than we have seen.
> - Mark


I know you didnt ask for a rollback Grant - just kind of talking in a 
general manner. I see your point on getting the search side in, I'm just 
not sure I agree that it really matters if one hits before the other. 
Like Mike says, you don't
have to switch to the new API yet.

- Mark

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