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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: back compat is good
Date Wed, 10 Jun 2009 20:11:41 GMT

>> As far as default settings, it seems like it can be mostly fixed with
>> documentation (i.e. recommended settings for maximum performance).
>> That seems like a very small burden for people writing new
>> applications with Lucene anyway (compare to the cost of writing the
>> whole application).  On the other hand, existing users may be
>> essentially "done" with the Lucene development in their project, and
>> want to upgrade for bug fixes, performance increases, and maybe to
>> incrementally add new features.
> I think we need to do both.  We should doc things like "use a big RAM
> buffer", "turn off CFS", "use an SSD", "use threads", etc.
> But for things like "open a readOnly reader", "turn on the acronym fix
> in StandardAnalyzer", "use BooleanScorer not BooleanScorer2", "don't
> discard positions in StopFilter", "use NIOFSDirectory not
> FSDirectory", "turn off scoring when sorting by field", we should fix
> Lucene to do those by default.
> I'd like for Lucene to make a good first impression.
> Mike
> -
I agree that this needs to be fixed with Lucene. For a bit, I also 
thought that documentation was enough.

But on further thought, its a bit absurd. The computer should handle 
that for me. It really should be as easy
as saying, look I want the best new defaults, or I want the back compat 
defaults. The computer should figure
out the rest for me. I know its not as easy as typing it, but thats 
still a doable goal I would think. Its got to be somehow.
I know it comes down to different inconveniences, but I refuse to 
believe that there is not a solution.

- Mark

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