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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: Re(opening) (Multi)SegmentReaders
Date Mon, 18 May 2009 12:06:15 GMT
On Mon, May 18, 2009 at 7:56 AM, Earwin Burrfoot <> wrote:
> Will post one soon.
> Had to slightly modify a whole bunch of tests relying on
> returning SegmentReader instance for
> single-segment indexes.
> Currently struggling with Clone/CloneNorms/Reopen tests that actually
> verify old behaviour.
> The fun part is - SR no longer has to pose as toplevel
> directory-owning reader, so most of stuff moved from DIR to MSR and
> now DIR is almost empty, save for static factory methods and a pair of
> flags.
> I'm going to remove DIR completely and make MSR/SR inherit directly from IR.

Sounds good!  Nice simplifications...

> All affected classes/methods are package-private, so I bet that
> doesn't hamper backwards compatibility?

Run ant test-tag to see if the machine agrees with you?

Likely tests will fail, eg at least those verifying old behavior, but
if it's because these tests were relying on package-private APIs or
old behavior, you should fix the tests (on the back-compat branch) and
include that in your patch.

Yonik is there anything in Solr that might not like this change?


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