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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: ConcurrentMergeScheduler may spawn MergeThreads forever
Date Tue, 28 Apr 2009 13:59:49 GMT
On Tue, Apr 28, 2009 at 9:27 AM, Shai Erera <> wrote:
>> It's there so "anyUnhandledExceptions" can be called;
> I will check the code again, but I remember that after commenting it, the
> only compile errors I saw were from MergeThread adding the exception ...
> perhaps I'm missing something, so I'll re-check the code.

The oal.util.LuceneTestCase wraps each test so that if any unhandled
CMS exceptions happened during a test, the test fails.

> I understand your point now - merging is an internal process to IW,
> therefore there's no real user to notify on errors (e.g., even if IW knew
> there is an error, what would it do exactly?), and I guess keep trying to
> execute the merges is reasonable (while throwing the exceptions further - in
> hope that the user code will catch those and do something with them).


> BTW, what will happen if I encounter such exceptions, that are thrown
> repeatedly, and shutdown the JVM? I guess the index will not be in a corrupt
> state, right? The next time I'll open it, it should be in a state prior to
> the merge, or at least prior to the merge that failed?

The index will never be corrupt (except for bugs ;) ) -- it will
contain whatever the last commit was (which is typically well before
the merges started).  EG w/ autoCommit=false, the index as of when you
last called commit (or as of when you opened it, if you have not
called commit) will remain intact on an abnormal shutdown.

> I think that sleeping in case of exceptions makes sense .. in case of IO
> errors that are temporary, this will not spawn threads endlessly, and
> sleeping will give an opportunity for the IO problem to resolve. In case of
> bugs, which are supposed to be detected during test time, it should give the
> developer a chance to kill the process relatively quickly.

OK I'll commit this.


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