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From Shai Erera <>
Subject (Benchmark) Split DocMaker into DocCollector and DocMaker
Date Sat, 11 Apr 2009 15:10:19 GMT

I would like to propose some refactoring to the benchmark package. Today,
DocMaker has two roles: collecting documents from a collection and preparing
a Document object. I think these two should actually be split up to
DocCollector and DocMaker, which will use a DocCollector instance.

DocCollector will implement all the methods of DocMaker, like
getNextDocData, raw size in bytes tracking etc. This can actually fit well
w/ 1591, by having a basic DocCollector that offers input stream services,
and wraps a file (for example) with a bzip or gzip streams etc.

DocMaker will implement the makeDocument methods, reusing DocState etc.

The idea is that collecting the Enwiki documents, for example, should be the
same whether I create documents using DocState, add payloads or index
additional metadata. Same goes for Trec and Reuters collections, as well as
In fact, if one inspects EnwikiDocMaker and LineDocMaker closely, they are
99% the same and 99% different. Most of their differences lie in the way
they read the data, while most of the similarity lies in the way the create
documents (using DocState).
That led to a somehwat bizzare extension of LineDocMaker by EnwikiDocMaker
(just the reuse of DocState). Also, other DocMakers do not use that DocState

So by having a EnwikiDocCollector, ReutersDocCollector and others (TREC,
Line, Simple), I can write several DocMakers, such as DocStateMaker,
ConfigurableDocMaker (one which accpets all kinds of config options) and
custom DocMakers (payload, facets, sorting), passing to them a DocCollector
instance (much like we do today w/ DocMaker) and reuse the same DocMaking
algorithm with many document collections, as well as the same document
collection algorithm with many DocMaker implementations.

This will also give us the opportunity to perf test document collection
alone (i.e., compare bzip, gzip and regular input streams), w/o the overhead
of creating a Document object.

I've already done so in my code environment (I extend the benchmark package
for my application's purposes) and I like the flexibility I have. I think
this can be a nice contribution to the benchmark package, which can result
in some code cleanup as well.

What do you think? I can open an issue and work out a patch.


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