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From Earwin Burrfoot <>
Subject Re: Synonym filter with support for phrases?
Date Wed, 22 Apr 2009 15:19:59 GMT
> Your example concerns phrase queries, so somebody would have to keep adding
> terms to a phrase. My experience with open search queries (I had access to a
> larger slice of queries from Microsoft Live) is that phrases are a minority
> of all searches. In the most common case, people will look for a union of
> terms, and for these queries the solution I described would work just fine.
We're a bit special. Most of our searches are ordered by date, so we
can't use relevance dependant on query term proximity, or whatever, to
boost good docs up. That has many consequences, and one of them is
that people use phrase queries a lot.

> Another thing is that my use case for "phrase synonyms" is that people would
> look for exact synonym phrases, but rarely expand them to cover something
> beyond.
We have a lot of synonyms that are more likely alternate forms rather
than synonyms, plus translations, plus abbrevs - using the same
engine. So guys looking for "MSU CMC" really want to get "Московский
Государственный Университет, факультет ВМиК" and his

> We deviated off course with this conversation though. I see your point and I respect
Hm? I just shared some experience. Will no longer steer away :)

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