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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject Re: InstantiatedIndex
Date Mon, 30 Mar 2009 11:47:04 GMT

28 mar 2009 kl. 01.21 skrev Jason Rutherglen:
> I'm thinking InstantiatedIndex needs to implement either clone of  
> all the index data or needs to be able to accept a non-optimized  
> reader, or both.  I forget what the obstacles are to implementing  
> the non-optimized reader option?  Do you think there are advantages  
> or disadvantages when comparing the solutions?

Hi Jason,

I honestly don't remember the reason but it seems to have something to  
do with deletions.

> Realtime search will need to periodically merge  
> InstantiatedIndex's.  One option is to clone an existing index, then  
> add a document to it, clone, and so on, freeze it and later merge it  
> with other indexes.  The other option that provides the same  
> functionality is to pass the smaller readers into an  
> InstantiatedIndex.

How do you feel about something like this?

public InstantiatedIndex merge(IndexReader[] readers) {
   Directory dir = new RAMDirectory();
   IndexWriter w = new IndexWriter(dir);
   IndexReader reader =;
   InstantiatedIndex ii = new InstantiatedIndex(reader);
   return ii;


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