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From Michael McCandless <>
Subject Re: move TrieRange* to core?
Date Wed, 18 Mar 2009 22:12:05 GMT

Uwe Schindler wrote:

> I have no problem with it! Thanks!
> What I would like to be fixed before moving it to core is the fact  
> that a
> additional helper field is needed for the trie values. If everything  
> could
> be in one field and the field is still sortable, it would be fine.  
> For that,
> the order of terms in the FieldCache should be fixed. As current  
> trie fields
> of highest precision order before all other lower precision field, the
> simpliest fix would be to only index the first first term from  
> TermEnum at
> the documents index in the FieldCache.
> Another way would be to just invert the order and let the higher  
> precision
> fields appear at last in the TermEnum. Both would be possible, but  
> there
> should be a clear statement, which term for multi-term-fields is put  
> into
> FieldCache (maybe configureable). See LUCENE-1372 for that.

Though, won't this make loading the field cache more costly since
you'll iterate through many more terms?

> If all terms could be in one field, the API to TrieRange could be  
> simplier
> and more effective for the GC. The trieCodeLong/Int() method would  
> just
> return a TokenStream that can be indexed using "new
> Field(Name,TokenStream)", more effectively using the Token's char  
> buffer
> during trie encoding (it could be reused). This is how it is done by  
> Solr at
> the moment (but with the additional allocation of the array) - I do  
> not like
> the array allocations for each term and the whole trie-encoding at the
> moment (1x char[], 1x String[], additional copying,...).

I agree it'd be awesome to have a less GC costly translation
during indexing.

> I would be happy to have it in core, I could prepare the patch, when  
> the
> above is fixed!



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