Does the LUCENE-1536 patch create a compound filter out of multiple filters?  Then the compound filter is passed down to TermQuery?  What is the status of LUCENE-1345?

On Thu, Feb 19, 2009 at 10:52 AM, Michael McCandless <> wrote:

I don't think anyone is working on it..., because It looks like this is a real hit to performance (the results I posted on LUCENE-1476).  We shouldn't do it.

And, in fact, we should consider doing the reverse: taking filters that are now applied via iteration and instead distributing them down to each TermQuery (LUCENE-1536) via random-access API (if the filter can support it); that can give much better performance.

However I need to redo these tests once LUCENE-1345 is in.


Jason Rutherglen wrote:

Is anyone working on this?  I can't find a patch.  I'll start one unless someone has something to post.

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