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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: LIA2 on l.a.o/java OK?
Date Mon, 23 Feb 2009 18:24:12 GMT

: I'm OK with LIA2 on the front page - as Erik suggests it does help lend 
: credibility to a project.   

+1 to more visibility to books focused on lucene on "official" www site 
pages (not just hte wiki)

+1 to prominent display via a section on the main page like wicket 
currently has, with links to more info on each book (those links could 
easily go to wiki pages if we don't want to have to maintain the full 
detail pages in forrest) .. the News section is too long/outdated anwyay, 
so shortening it up to help make books more visible is a good thing.

: So the test-case for this statement would be - what if there was a 
: terrible book published? I can't see it happening myself but you have to 
: ask if there is some inferred recommendation of quality on any links we 
: provide.

site changes are commits, they (will) happen because someone submits a 
patch and someone (possibly the same person) commits.  if no on thinks a 
book is worth promoting, no one will submit a patch.  if someone does 
submit a patch, but the community concessus is that a book is bad and 
shouldn't be mentioned on the site, then the patch won't get committed (or 
will get rolled back if the concensus is retroactive).

If each book links to a wiki page then people can be free to write 
whatever comments/opinions about books they want, even if there isn't a 
clear community concensus to withhold a book from the site.

: > It's the only book dedicated exclusively to Lucene that I'm aware of, and all of 

What about the JP and DE books listed on the Resource page?  from what i 
can tell, they seem to be focused entirely on Lucene.  (if the goal is to 
promote Lucene books to promote Lucene adoption we shouldn't be exclusive 
to English langauge books just because english is currently the LCD of hte 

> Personal bias noted - I support putting it on the home page, and also news 
> blurbs when there is activity, like when it goes to print and is available in 
> hardcopy.

(FWIW: i have no bias here, but i still concur)


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