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From "Michael McCandless" <>
Subject 2.9/3.0 plan & Java 1.5
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 10:18:56 GMT
Taking this to java-dev (off Jira)...

Mark Miller (Jira) wrote:

> I thought there were some that wanted to change some of the API to java
> 5 for the 3.0 release, cause I thought back compat was less restricted
> 2-3. I guess mabye that won't end up happening, if it was going to, it
> seems we'd want to deprecate what will be changed in 2.9.

I could easily be confused on this... but I thought 3.0 is the first
release that's allowed to include Java 1.5 only APIs (eg generics).

Meaning, we could in theory intro APIs with generics with 3.0,
deprecating the non-generics versions, and then 4.0 (sounds insanely
far away!) would be the first release that could remove the deprecated
non-generics versions?

That said, I think the "plan" is to release 2.9 soonish (early next
year?), and then fairly quickly turnaround a 3.0 that doesn't have too
many changes except the removal of the deprecated (in 2.9) APIs.  Ie
in practice it won't be until 3.1 when we would intro new
(generics-based) APIs.


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