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From "Shai Erera" <>
Subject Java logging in Lucene
Date Fri, 05 Dec 2008 18:17:28 GMT

I was wondering why doesn't the Lucene code uses Java logging, instead of
the infoStream set in IndexWriter? Today, if I want to enable tracing of
Lucene code, the only thing I can do is set an infoStream, but then I get
many many messages. Moreoever, those messages seem to cover indexing code

I hope to get some opinions on the use of Java logging instead of
infoStream, and hopefully to start addind logging messages in other places
in the code (like during search, query parsing etc.)

I feel that this is an approach the community has to decide on before we
start adding messages to the code. Using Java logging can greatly benefit
tracing of indexing applications who use Lucene. If the vote is +1 for using
Java logging, we can start by deprecating infoStream (in 2.9, remove in 3.0)
and use logging instead.

What do you think?


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