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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject Re: 2.9/3.0 plan & Java 1.5
Date Fri, 12 Dec 2008 18:39:18 GMT
Jason Rutherglen wrote:
> Decoupling IndexReader would for 3.0 would be great.  This includes 
> making public SegmentReader, MultiSegmentReader. 
> A constructor like new SegmentReader(TermsDictionary termDictionary, 
> TermPostings termPostings, ColumnStrideFields csd, DocIdBitSet deletedDocs);
> Where each class is abstract and can be implemented in an optional way. 
> Decouple rollback, commit, IndexDeletionPolicy from DirectoryIndexReader 
> into a class like SegmentsVersionSystem which could act as the 
> controller for reopen types of methods.  There could be a 
> SegmentVersionSystem that manages the versioning of a single segment. 

Can't this stuff be rolled out as new features in 3.0?  The important 
thing to do now is figure out what can be dropped when we go to 3.0, not 
what might be added after.

> I'd rather figure out these things before worrying too much about 
> generics which although nice for being able to read the code, doesn't 
> matter if the code changes dramatically and is deprecated. 

Folks are discussing whether generics are a special case for 
back-compatibility.  This is an important discussion, since major 
releases are defined by their back-compatibility.  This discussion thus 
should have priority over the discussion of new 3.0 features.


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