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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject InstantiatedIndexWriter
Date Thu, 27 Nov 2008 04:44:20 GMT
I was just about to get on with LUCENE-1462 when I noticed the new  
TokenStream API. (Yeah, I've been really busy with other stuff for a  
while now.)

Rather than keeping InstantiatedIndexWriter in sync with IndexWriter  
I'm considering suggesting that we simply delete  

There is this one major caveats that would go away if we removed  
InstantiatedIndexWriter: it lacks read/write locks at commit time.  
Also, the javadocs says "consider using II as an immutable store" all  
over the place..

I'm a bit split here, I can see the use of beeing able to add a few  
documents to an existing II, but at the same time these indices are  
ment to be really small so creating a new one from an IndexReader is  
really no big deal. This operation means a few seconds of overhead if  
one needs to append data to the II.

I say that we should remove it from trunk. Less hassles. Or is this to  
remove good functionallity? I never use it, it was written in order to  
understand Lucene. But if people find it is very useful then of course  
it should be kept in there.

That might be a problem for some people. For instance I think Jason  
Rutherglens realtime search use this class.


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