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From Mark Miller <>
Subject Re: TokenStream and Token APIs
Date Sun, 19 Oct 2008 04:56:54 GMT
Grant Ingersoll wrote:
> Bear with me, b/c I'm not sure I'm following, but looking at 
>, I see at least 5 
> different implemented Attributes.
> So, let's say I add a 5 more attributes and now have a total of 10 
> attributes. Are you saying that I then would have, potentially, 10 
> different variables that all point to the token as in the code snippet 
> above where the casting takes place? Or would I just create a single 
> "Super" attribute that folds in all of my new attributes, plus any 
> other existing ones? Or, maybe, what I would do is create the 5 new 
> attributes and then 1 new attribute that extends all 10, thus allowing 
> me to use them individually, but saving me from having to do a whole 
> ton of casting in my Consumer.
Potentially one consumer doing 10 things, but not likely right? I mean, 
things will stay logical as they are now, and rather than a super 
consumer doing everything, we will still have a chain of consumers each 
doing its own piece. So more likely, maybe something comes along every 
so often (another 5, over *much* time, say) and each time we add a 
Consumer that uses one or two TokenStream types. And then its just an 
implementation detail on whether you make a composite TokenStream - if 
you have added 10 new attributes and see it fit to make one consumer use 
them all, sure, make a composite, super type, but in my mind, the way 
its done in the example code is clearer/cleaner for a handful of 
TokenStream types. And even if you do make the composite,super type, its 
likely to just be a sugar wrapper anyway - the implementation for say, 
payload and positions, should probably be maintained in their own 
classes anyway.

- Mark

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