Can some one please help me in providing a solution for my problem:

I have a single field defined in my document. Now I want to do a MultiPhraseQuery - but at the beginning of the field.

For e.g: If there are 3 documents with single field ( say 'title' ) has the values -> "Hello Love you", "Love You Sister", "Love Yoxyz"

Then my search for "Love yo*" ->  MultiPhraseQuery with first term "Love" ( using addTerm("Love") and the next terms ( using addTerms("Yo*"  - after getting all terms 'You' and 'Yoxyz' using IndexReader.terms(Yo) ) should return only the documents "Love You Sister", "Love Yoxyz" - but not "Hello Love you".

Can some one please help me on how to get it done.