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From Gunnar Wagenknecht <>
Subject Lucene OSGi Bundle
Date Fri, 19 Sep 2008 21:08:18 GMT
Hi Lucene Developers,

Issue 1344 requests to make the Lucene JAR an OSGi bundle. The approach
proposed is to add the OSGi specific meta data into the MANIFEST.MF of
the existing Maven artifacts.

I prepared a patch which proposes a different approach. Instead of
adding the headers into the Maven JARs it will create a new set of OSGi

This is basically driven by the following advantages.

1. In OSGi the naming convention for a bundle JAR file is "<symbolic
name>_<version>.jar". The Maven JARs are not fully qualified. Therefor,
it's not possible to use them out of the box, i.e. one has to download
and manually rename them before they can be used. A separate set of OSGi
bundles could be consumed directly without any modifications.

2. Maven repositories cannot be consumed directly by OSGi frameworks.
It's better to have the OSGi bundle jars in one folder which can be
downloaded from mirrors and consumed by frameworks directly.

3. In addition to the OSGi bundle JAR I was able to generate a source
jar for Eclipse PDE. Thus, whenever you are developing with Eclipse for
*any* OSGi framework one would simply throw the Lucene OSGi bundle JARs
together with the source bundles into the target platform. Eclipse PDE
then configures the classpath automatically to attach the source code to
the class files. This is very developer friendly.

I'm now asking for feedback which approach you like better and should be
integrated into the Lucene build process. Of course, if there are any
questions, I will be happy to answer them.


Gunnar Wagenknecht

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