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From Chris Hostetter <>
Subject Re: Moving SweetSpotSimilarity out of contrib
Date Wed, 03 Sep 2008 18:00:56 GMT

: saw, the distinction and rules are not quite clear. I would think though, if
: the new Similarity is really that much better than the old, it might actually
: benefit in core. There is no doubt core gets more attention on both the user
: and developer side, and important pieces with general usages should probably
: be there.

I see a Chicken/Egg argument here ... Perhaps contribs would get more 
attention if we used them more -- as in: put more stuff in them.

: I havn't used it myself, so I won't guess (too much <g>), but the question to
: me seems to be, is SweetSpot important enough to move to core? Are there
: enough good reasons? And even if so, is it ready to move to core? Contrib also
: seems to be somewhat of a possible incubation area...

I think that's the wrong question to ask.  I would rather ask the question 
"Is X decoupled enough from Lucene internals that it can be a contrib?"  
Things like IndexWriter, IndexReader, Document and TokenStream really need 
to be "core" ... but things like the QueryParser, and most of our 
analyzers don't.  Having lots of loosely coupled mini-libraries that 
respect good API boundaries seems more reusable and generally saner then 
"all of this code is useful and lots of people wnat it so throw it into 
the kitchen sink"

We don't need to go hog wild gutting things out of the core ... but i 
don't think we should be adding new things to the core just becuase they 
are "generally useful".


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