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From Karl Wettin <>
Subject Re: Realtime Search for Social Networks Collaboration
Date Mon, 08 Sep 2008 18:58:01 GMT
I need to point out that the only thing I know InstantiatedIndex to be  
great at is read access in the inverted index. It consumes a lot more  
heap than RAMDirectory and InstantiatedIndexWriter is slightly less  
efficient than IndexWriter.

Please let me know if your experience differs from the above statement.

8 sep 2008 kl. 16.36 skrev Jason Rutherglen:

> InstantiatedIndex isn't quite realtime.  Instead a new
> InstantiatedIndex is created per transaction in Ocean and managed
> thereafter.  This however is fairly easy to build and could offer
> realtime in Lucene without adding the transaction logging.  It would
> be good to find out what scope is acceptable for a Lucene core version
> of realtime.  Perhaps this basic feature set is good enough.
> On Mon, Sep 8, 2008 at 10:23 AM, Mark Miller <>  
> wrote:
>> Ning Li wrote:
>>> I agree with Otis that the first step for Lucene is probably to
>>> support real-time
>>> search. The instantiated index in contrib seems to be something  
>>> close..
>> Maybe we should start fleshing out what we want in realtime search  
>> on the
>> wiki?
>> Could it be as simple as making InstantiatedIndex realtime (allow
>> writes/read at same time?). Then you could search over your  
>> IndexReader as
>> well as the InstantiatedIndex. Writes go to both the Writer and the
>> InstantiatedIndex. Nothing is actually permanent until the true  
>> commit, but
>> stuff is visible pretty fast...a new IndexReader view starts a fresh
>> InstantiedIndex...
>> Jasons realtime patch is still pretty large...would be nice if we  
>> could
>> accomplish this with as few changes as possible...
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