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From "Raanan @ YCS" <>
Subject JavaDoc docs
Date Fri, 12 Sep 2008 09:30:16 GMT
As a relatively new Lucene user, I rather struggled through figuring out
how to use it. Now that I have done so, and am in the process of using
it to enhance an application I am working on, I would like to make the
team an offer.

Many of the core classes (and likely other classes as well) have little
or no JavaDoc comments, neither for the class itself, nor for its
methods (though of course some do have useful comments). I propose to
start writing these comments. It is something I am good at, and have
much experience with. For me, it would be an excellent way to more fully
explore Lucene's functionality (which I need to do anyway). Of course,
it would help other users a lot.

FYI, I have worked mostly in Java for some 15 years, and have used a
number of open source packages. This would be my first experience
contributing to an open source project. I have read the How to
Contribute page, and both understand and agree. Please let me know how
and when to proceed. In particular, do I get assigned a "buddy"?

Yours with patience,
Raanan Mintz

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